Who doesn’t admire a pretty hand?

Sometimes a well-polished manicure can just lift up your day. A relaxing pedicure can be the cure to a stressful week.

pretty nails
Let our Nail Technicians sweep you off your feet. Perfection is all about the details. For perfect nails, proper preparation and finishing is absolutely critical–and will come back to you in service longevity, problem prevention and striking results. Choosing the right combination of treatments, prep products and tools isn’t just a good idea. It’s essential. You can enjoy your pedicure on a separated room, comfortable chair, clean and individualized pedicure linen so this way we make sure you have the best experience.



Basic – $28
Shellac Manicure – $40
Shellac Removal – $10
Mani Polish Change – $20


Basic – $35
Deluxe – $40
Pedi Polish Change – $20