July 2017 Gallery Pictures

Thanks to everyone who came to the Gallery Opening, it was a fantastic evening! Stay in touch, we’ll do it again!

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Anna Thai

Embroidered swansOne-of-a-kind Embroidery Work (hover over image)

Anna Thai, a Malden-based artist, learned to embroider from French Catholic nuns when she was eight years old. It was what was taught to children who were disabled at the private school she attended in her native Vietnam.
Thai’s work is intricate, detailed, and exquisitely crafted. At first glance, her artwork looks like paintings. It’s only on close inspection that one realizes that the art is embroidery.

Elizabeth Rhae Allee

ART by ElizaRhae (hover over image) 

I have been painting for a number of years.  My love for the Boston, Cape Cod & Martha’s Vineyard area inspires me to create on canvas the beauty we see each day, and often take for granted. My original art was done with oil paint, but I have also experimented with gouache, water color, and acrylic.  The latter has become my preference, while studying painting with Rita Guzzi, an internationally known artist.
I have had the opportunity to travel to Europe and participate in a plein air painting course while staying in a Contessa’s villa in Tuscany.  It was a wonderful experience, something I hope to duplicate in different parts of Europe.  Until then, I continue to paint, and explore new horizons while developing my talent.